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Then: Archived "now" updates

28 February 2017

Following the birth of our daughter, I'm now back techwriting four days a week at Fred, learning how to function on less sleep.

I've decided to close my Twitter account, because it had reached the point of diminishing returns; it was fun back in 2008-2010, but for the last few years I'd only used it for non-creative procrastination and the occasional tech writing vent. Plus, I feel worn out by news, marketing, and the modern internet in general. I don't miss Facebook (having quit it a couple of years ago) and I don't think I'll miss Twitter either.

I'll probably be a little more active in posting life updates here; and you can email me at I'd love to hear from anyone who stops by.

15 February 2017

Our daughter Vera was born on February 11th.

It's early days, but I think she likes us.

I'm taking a couple of weeks of parental leave; then I'll be back techwriting at Fred four days a week.

25 January 2017

It's summer in Melbourne. My fiancee and I are expecting the birth of our first child, a daughter. The due date is today, so she'll arrive any day now!

We bought an old brick house in November 2015 and we've lived in it for a year now. We've had to do a lot of basic repair and renovation work - the previous few owners had let it go - and now we're taking a break from big projects. But we're excited to do more in the next couple of years. On the list are:

Since June 2014, I've worked at Fred IT Group, who make software for pharmacies. I spent a lot of 2016 working as a business analyst (and tech writer and QA) on the first phase of the MedView project. I'm starting 2017 back in the Operations department, doing a mixture of product documentation, internal documentation, knowledge systems management, and knowledge strategy.