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23 May 2017

My dad died on the 8th of May, at home, in the late afternoon, at the age of sixty, five days after suffering a heart attack and having a stent put in one of his arteries. We don't know the exact cause, but his doctor wrote "Most likely primary arrythmia or ventricular rupture". It seems to have been quick and painless.

The heart attack came out of the blue; although heart disease runs in the family, Dad was in good health, had none of the risk factors, and hadn't complained of any chest pains.

He was a beautiful man who lived for his family, and we all miss him terribly.

We spent a couple of weeks with my family in New Zealand. Now, I'm back at work, wondering what medical tests I should get, and thinking about all the house renovation questions I wanted to ask Dad.

Vera, meanwhile, is a pro traveller. At three months old, she has her own passport and has slept happily through two international flights.

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